Friday, January 1, 2016

Cougars at the zoo

The cougars at the zoo are seriously cute!  We went to go see them yesterday. 

They look and act just like really big kittens, pouncing on balls (and each other), and chasing sticks  -- until you look down at those huge feet.  Then you realize these are going to be some very big cats!

If you have a chance, check them out!

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Violet Crown Trail

A little over a month after the the Violet Crown trail officially opened, we finally made it over to explore the new trail.

The goal of this ambitious trail is to create over 30 miles of trail that goes from downtown Zilker park, south to Hays County.  As of right now, they have finished the trail for the six miles from Zilker to Brodie lane.  

The next phase of this project will connect the trail to the Wildflower Center and Veloway by 2016. 

There are hopes of a third phase, to eventually connect this trail to the Onion Creek Management Unit in Hays County.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Secret Beach in Roy Guerrero Park

After hearing about Secret Beach for years, the boys and I finally made it out to visit last week.  

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Blue Hole in Wimberley

The Blue Hole, spring-fed by Cypress Creek, has long been known as a beautiful and refreshing swimming hole in Wimberley. 

In 2005, the town of Wimberley purchased the land and has converted this spot into an incredible regional park.  The Wildflower Center worked with the city to landscape the park, and it shows, because it is just beautiful! 

Phase II of the development opened in May, with hiking trails, soccer fields, a playground and more!

When visitors first arrive at this oasis, they are visited by a lush lawn, with large pecan and cypress trees. 

Families spread their blankets under the shade of the huge pecan and cypress trees, children pull out frisbees and balls and everyone prepares to spend a fantastic day avoiding the Texas heat!  Don't forget to pack the picnic basket!

To the left of the lawn runs the Cypress Creek, spring fed by nearby Jacob's Well.  About 500 feet of the river is available for swimming. The entire length is shaded by large cypress trees. 

At the south end of the river, the river is low, and young waders can enjoy splashing and playing. 

The northern end gets quite deep. Two rope swings hang about 50 feet apart from two different large trees.  My boys spent the entire day jumping off of one swing or another, while I got in some laps swimming the length.

The water is a pleasant 75 degrees - just perfect for a hot summer's day.  Children frequently came out with shivering lips, but a brief stand in the sun warmed them up in just a few minutes!

Tips and thoughts
* When we arrived around 11:30am, all of the parking spots in front of the pool were taken.  There is plenty of parking in the sports area, but it is a bit longer of a walk.  It is maybe only a tenth of a mile, but loaded with coolers, floats and towels, and in 100 degree heat, it can seem longer!  Go with a friend so you can drop off all of your gear first :o)

* The path to the pool is sloped with no steps, so strollers and wheeled coolers can easily make it down

* Bring a blanket and maybe some camp chairs to enjoy while sitting on the lawn.  Bring a frisbee, ball, or deck of cards for the kids to enjoy while they are standing in the sun to warm up!  And don't forget to bring a float or tube to hang out in!

* Admission is $8 for 13 and up and $4 for 4-12.

Monday, June 8, 2015

Monochrome in Austin

An old friend from college came in this week to visit, so we decided to check out our old stomping grounds on the UT Campus.  

I finally got a chance to see the new sculpture:  Monochrome in Austin.  Located at 24th and Speedway (catercorner from RLM - for those of you who made have attended UT), this 50 foot statue, 75 canoe statue  is worth checking out!

If you are looking for a fun way to spend a summer day, here is a list of some of the fun things to see and do on the UT campus.


Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Date Night ideas - Page 4

Austin Top 50 Date Night Ideas  - Page 4 of 4

Some time ago, I received a few requests for ideas for the older crowd looking for a fun date night.  So I culled my list of all the kid-related stuff, and pulled out some of the ones that were best for a date night...  Just a few ideas.  Maybe 15.

And then I kept getting comments asking where the rest of the 50 ideas were.  

Wait, I thought, this isn't the Top 50 list, this is date night ideas... My top 50 list is here

But after enough people made comments, I finally hunkered down and put together a list of 50 date night ideas.  So here is the last page - with Austin's Top 50 date nights listed. Enjoy!  

And please feel free to email me with any additional date night ideas for Austin, as well.

36 ●● Check out the Stars at UT
Most people don’t know that the UT astronomy department hosts regular star parties. A star party is a two-hour period where anyone can come to the roof of RLM (one of the tallest buildings on campus) and look through the telescopes. You’ll get a great nighttime view of UT campus.

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