Planning Your Go See It

You have 5 Go See its to plan with your den before your den crosses over to being Wolves.  Below are some tips for planning your year:

1 ●●  Know your cross over date
Each pack graduates its boys at different times. Some graduate Tigers to Wolves at their Blue and Gold Ceremony in February, some go all the way until the end of the May.  To best plan your year, it helps to know when you need to get everything completed by. If you don't know when the boys cross over to the next rank, ask your cub master.

2 ●● Don't deprive your den parents the chance of being seen a hero in their sons' eyes
I'll never forget the day I overheard a boy talk about his den leader.  "That's my dad", he said, brimming with pride.  Every child loves to see their parent in charge, leading.  As a den leader, make sure you give every parent a chance to shine in their child's eyes.  Don't try and plan everything yourself.  

The easiest thing to do, is to give each parent the responsibility of planning one go see it. Each event takes very little effort or time to plan, but allows parents to get involved... and shine :o)

3 ●Two deep leadership is essential.  It isn't just protection for our boys, it is protection for our leaders
This is serious.  You should never, never be alone with another child that is not your own.  If you are driving in the car, make sure there is another child, or preferably, an adult with you.  Going on a hike, do the same.

This is not just protection for our boys, this is protection for you.  You never want to be in a situation where it is your word versus a child's.  And if you  are never alone with a child, that can't happen.  Take this very seriously.  

4 ●● When selecting a date and time, sometimes it helps to use a planning tool
There are a lot of meeting planning tools out there.  Google Doodle was recommended; agreeadate is another.  Whichever tool you use, pick a couple of different dates, throw them out to all the parents, and pick the one where the most kids can attend.  This way, everyone can see which dates work best, it is easy to choose and it doesn't feel personal.

5 ●These  Go See Its will create amazing and awesome memories for a group of boys.  Enjoy them!!
Everyone says it, but it really is true.  These years with your kids fly by faster than you can ever imagine.  If you were a cub scout, think back to your memories in the den.  Go See Its should be fun.  They won't be perfect, kids aren't perfect and neither are adults.  But they should be fun!  Enjoy it!!

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