Blues on the Green

KGSR's Blues on the Green may be in their 21st year, but this was our first time going. 

We arrived downtown around 7pm, but traffic was so heavy that it took us twenty minutes to get into the park.  We parked in the grass lot right under the Mopac bridge for $3.

The music had already started by the time we had collected our stuff and started walking toward the stage, but finding a place to sit was no problem. 

I wasn't sure what to expect, but this is Austin, so expect just about anything.  To my left was a group of twenty year olds drinking beer and loving the sounds.  To my right was a woman who came by herself with her three dogs.  Ahead of me were two families with their toddlers.  And ahead of them was a woman with her young baby - sporting huge Bose-style headphones.  I guess she wanted to hear the music, but didn't want it to be too loud for her baby :o)

We enjoyed the drop of evening while listening to the music and eating from the trailers along the side.  They had a wide selection of food: Salt Lick, Kirby Lane, Burgers, Gatti's pizza and the prices were really pretty reasonable.  My kids' favorite was the frozen bananas! 

Tips and thoughts:  The web site says you can bring two factory sealed bottles of water with you.  In reality, you can bring just about anything you want.  I saw people rolling along huge coolers filled with every assortment of food and drink. 

Parking is a bit far from the park, so make whatever you bring portable.  If you have kids, bring a ball or frisbee - light-up ones if you can find them! Towards the back, the music is not as loud, and there is room for them to run and play.  And definitely bring a blanket or chairs to sit on the grass.

But most of all, if you are hesitant about going (like I was), I suggest just trying it out.  Since the concert is free and the parking fee minimal, you can go for an hour, try it out, and leave whenever the family is ready!

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  1. That sounds like fun. We have a music festival coming up this weekend, I think.


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