Brick Fiesta

With two boys, Lego sort of rules our life!  Some time ago, Dave bought a huge (we're talking 300 pound) box of Legos from a co-worker.  At the time, the boys were small, and it seemed somewhat extreme.  But those Legos have kept the boys entertained for hundred of hours since then!

So, when I saw that Austin was going to hold its first ever Brick Fiesta, hosted by the Texas Lego User Group, we had to check it out.  

It had entries from between 50 to 100 different Lego builders.  The items ranged from recreations of famous buildings to ideas designed solely from the creators imagination.   The creations were loosely categorized into architecture, themed, futuristic and other.   We saw creations that were on par with something K could create, to a 7 foot Batman that must have taken hundred of hours and thousands of legos to create! 

There were a number of running trains and tracks that wound there way among the various buildings.  Some of my favorites were the UT Tower, Pennybaker Bridge, and Train station.  And behind most of the sets, they had the builder available to answer any questions, encourage the children, and explain how they built it.

Fortunately, we arrived right before the line got really long.  But by the time we left, the area was so filled with people, it was difficult to navigate, and those waiting to get in were waiting 15 minutes or more to purchase their tickets!  Hopefully, they will decide to host this once again, and if they do, I hope they will hold it in a slightly larger arena!

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