Decker Lake

K has really gotten into fishing recently and we were looking for a different lake to try out.  A couple of online sites with information about fishing with kids recommended trying Walter E Long Lake (previously and still locally known as Decker Lake.)

 The only other time I have been to Decker lake was for a triathlon a few years ago.  Then, I hadn't really been focused on the fishing :o) So this was a sort of new place for us!

Overall, the lake isn't incredibly pretty.  It has a left and right wing, with picnic tables and shore access to the lake and in the main area there is a boating dock and fishing pier.  I didn't notice any restrooms.

From previous experience I know that the area around this lake (skirting the exterior of the park) is very nice for bike riding.  The roads are wide and there is a very little traffic.  There is a nice ten or so mile route around the lake that is scenic and enjoyable.

While the lake touts that swimming is available, the shallow mud would make for a pretty squishy wade, and I'm not sure it would be my top pick of swimming holes.

But, the lake is stacked with bass once a year, so there is a chance of snagging a larger fish to take home.  Though, to be honest, I haven't a clue what I'd do with it, if K ever did catch a big fish! ;">

After we drove around a bit, we decided to try out the pier and docks.  K did manage to catch a total of 10 perch (or bluegills or whatever small fish they were) in about three hours, so he was thrilled!  We chose not to take any home with us :o);

Overall, I'd say this lake is a nice place to fish, bike ride or boat, but I don't know that I'll be adding it to my top 50 list!.

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