Mayfield Park and Preserve

This park was a new discovery for us.  I really can't believe we haven't been here before.  The park is a 2 acre estate that was granted to the city in 1971.  The preserve is 21 acres of hiking trails connected to the park.

Within the park walls is an amazing amount of manicured ponds and trails with all sorts of birds and wildlife, and, of course, peacocks. 

There were at least six male peacocks, resplendent in all of their beauty, and about as many hens (still beautiful), and we even saw two chicks. 

There were also ponds chock full of lilly pads, flowers, and turtles.  The boys spent at least forty five minutes just exploring the park, and watching the birds.

We then headed to the preserve and hiked the trails.  The western trail led down to a sliver of Lake Austin.

The eastern trail led to a small creek, where the kids merrily spent at least thirty minutes catching and releasing teeny tiny frogs. 

The trail then led over the creek to an upper area with small caves that they loved climbing into and around. 

Unfortunately, we then had to leave due to hunger.  I hadn't realized we would enjoy this place so much, and hadn't packed a lunch.  We will definitely be back here again - and next time we'll bring lunch!

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