Splash Night at Deep Eddy

What could be better than relaxing in the cool waters of Deep Eddy, Texas' oldest swimming pool?  Relaxing in the cool waters while watching a movie :o)

Deep Eddy is just about as Austin as Austin can get!

The pool is divided into two sections. 

There is a very large wading area that is perfect for kids and waders. 

There is also a deeper section (up to 8 feet) with swim lanes and a recreational area that is perfect for jumping! 

A concrete barrier divides the two. 

The water from the pool is as natural as Austin. It is pumped in from a hand-dug well and is non-chlorinated. 

Every over night, all of the water is pumped out of one side of the pool, the pool floor is washed and in the morning new water is pumped in!

 During the summer, Deep Eddy hosts Splash Nights with a family-friendly movie shown on a large blow-up movie screen.  Viewers can watch from the grassy slope or lounge on a float in the pool.  

We had a great time, one of our boys spent most of the movie in the water, the other sat wrapped in a warm towel for the latter half. 

Afterwards, pumped up from a good night, we decided to make it even later by grabbing a late night pizza from Mangia, located right outside the pool!

Tips and thoughts:

You'll want to bring floats to watch the movie, but also a blanket and/or camp chair.  Hard to believe in this incredibly hot summer, but the pool can get a little cold at night, and it is nice to have a spot to dry off.

The movie begins when it gets dark; around 8:50 when we were there, so it is a late night.  We didn't leave until 10:30 last Saturday.  Parents of young children with early bed times may want to forewarn their children if they don't expect to stay and watch the whole movie.

Spots on the grassy slope begin to fill up around 7:30, so come a little early if you want to be assured of a good spot.

There is no extra charge for the movie, the standard City of Austin fee of $3 for adults and $1 for children

**As of last Saturday, there is only one remaining Splash Night on August 4th - where the city is showing the movie Tangled.  Check it out if you can!

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