Main Event

Today we went with friends to Main Event.  Located in North Austin, this location has just about everything to keep children entertained.  And another benefit is that it is nice and cool inside!  Perfect for the when the temperatures sky rocket outside!

It has a glow in the dark mini-golf course, lit by black lights to make everything fluoresce.  There is also a laser tag game, a sort of high-tech tag played with gun shooting lasers.  There are many lanes for bowling, a 28 foot high large rock climbing area, pool tables and bowling.  The main area also has a large arcade area with high tech virtual rides, skee ball and more.

There is also a nice cafe on site that serves burgers, pizza and even a decent salad!

A summer fun pass for $15.95 per child includes all areas except for the arcade area and will keep kids busy for at least three hours.  Add in some money for the arcade and you have a full afternoon.

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