Pinballz is an arcade in North Austin that claims to have over 200 games, mostly pinball, but also some video games.  These games range in age from those designed in the 1950's to current. 

Since Dave was in town this week, we decided to bring him along so he could enjoy some of the games of his youth!

All the boys played Galaga; Dave got a high schore on Tempest (his old favorite) and earned a free game on the new Pirates of the Caribbean pinball machine and the boys got to play the original Donkey Kong.  Not being a huge videogame fan, I just watched!

It was a fun hour and a half and a great way to beat the heat!

Tips and Thoughts
* Plan for about $15 per hour per person for the games. 

* There are infrequently deals on Morgan's pages, and sometime they have 'specials'.  On Way Back Wednesdays they pick 4 machines and revert them to 80s pricings ($0.25 per game).  If you pay in cash, you can get an extra $2 per every $20. So look around and plan ahead, and you might be able to save a little money!

* The arcade has a small cafe.  They also allow you to bring your own liquor, but there were rules to how much you could bring in.  I assume this is more of an issue with the 9pm crowd then my 2pm bunch ;o)

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