Turkey Creek Nature Trail

K and I decided to spend the day exploring Emma Long Metropolitan Park and the Turkey Creek Nature trail. 

The Turkey Creek Trail begins within the park, but before the paid admission ranger's station, so entrance is free.  

The trailhead is located in a small parking lot marked "Nature Trail" on the right hand side after you enter the park.

The trail is a fairly easy and flat 2.7 mile hike, 1.35 out and back, that winds back and forth over Turkey Creek.  This is a great place for dogs to run (the entire trail is off-leash) and for kids to catch frogs and pollywogs, dig with rocks, and do all the things kids do! 

The path is very well maintained, with mile markers, carved steps and clear markings. Parts of the creek are off limits for vegetation restoration, but there are many accesible spots along the creek.   The whole path is nicely shaded, making it a delightful hike, even in the heat of the day.

Stepping stones cross the creek at various points, and around the three-quarter mile marker there is a deep spot where dogs and boys can get really wet!  Bring a ball to throw and your swim suit to cool off!

When we visited in July, there was water for most of the trail.  However, after the mile mark, the creek went completely dry.  We would love to return during the rainy season, as I think the hike would be even more beautiful!

Tips and thoughts

* This is not the trail to hike if you do not really like dogs.  Even in the middle of the day there were a large number of hikers with doggy companions.

* If you do bring your furred friend, the last third mile of the hike is now dry.  Bring some water along for your pooch, so he doesn't overheat if you plan to walk all the way to the end!

Our very tired but happy whippet!


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