Big Top Candy

So, it turns out that the statement, "like a kid in a candy store" has some actual meaning here in Austin!  

Since we were downtown visiting the State Capitol, we decided to finish off the day at Big Top Candy, located on nearby South Congress.

This place is amazing!  

It carries over 300 types of bulk candy and over 2,000 varieties of wrapped candy.  

If you've eaten it, I'm betting they have it here!  On a previous visit, my husband was thrilled to see Charleston Chews from his childhood!

They also sell a $50 5 pound Hershey chocolate bar. Well, I assume they sell it, because when we visited, the sign was there, but the bar missing.  So I'm guessing someone actually bought it???

They also have all sorts of candy that I'm not sure who would eat.  

Sour Cream and Onion Crickets (no joke, look on the ingredient list and the top one is Crickets!)  right beside the 'traditional' lollypop scorpions.

And a plate of Double Bacon Chocolate Bars. Based on the number of people who purchased these while we were waiting in line, I'm guessing they're good?

They have a large bulk section priced at $1.37 per 1/4 pound.  So for a couple of dollars, you can get a cavity filling ;o)  

But perhaps even better is than the overwhelming display of candy is the old-fashioned soda fountain.  

They have dozens of varieties of soda and ice cream, so they can serve just about any concoction you can dream up!

The boys and I each ordered up a float and scored a stool watching the traffic (human and otherwise) flow down South Congress!  

Truly an Austin Top 50 experience!

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