Day Trip to the Witte Museum in San Antonio

Last week we headed down to San Antonio to visit one of our favorite museums, the Witte Museum.  The museum itself is almost a piece of history; built in the 1920s in Brackenridge Park, it was the first public museum in San Antonio.

Walking past the mummy and fossil displays and the wildlife dioramas, you can almost feel the thousands of previous spectators that have walked the halls.

But the old museum is only part of the entire experience; there is so much more! 

Currently at the Witte (through the end of August) is the Dinosaurs Unearthed display. 

If you are a dinosaur lover, you will enjoy this exhibit.  

Walk among a dozen or so life sized dinosaurs; watch them move and hear them roar!  

Interestingly enough, each station is set up with at least one interactive iPad display that provides additional information.

Just last year a new section of the museum opened, the South Texas Heritage Center.  

This spacious building is filled with interactive displays about ranchers, Indians, cowboys, oilmen and more.  

Try sitting in a saddle and learn about the differences.

See how much water you can move with the old fashioned pump

Or try and get your ball to the train station and a large skeeball sort of display.  

This new museum is a lot of fun for all ages!

The last time we were here, the River Alive section held my kids attention for over an hour.  At first glance, it is a long outdoor table with a small stream recreated in it.  Not much to do.  But visitors are encouraged to look under rocks and leaves to find all sorts of small creatures living in the area.  Once you start finding and identifying damselfly larvae or small fish, you realize there is a lot more going on in a river than you ever realized!

But, by far, the favorite section of the museum for kids (of all ages) is the Science Treehouse.  Hands on exhibits demonstrate the power of pulleys, Bernullil's effect and sound waves.  

Ride a bike across a tightrope to learn the benefits of a counter balance!

An outdoor exhibit allows you to experiment with an Archimede's screw to move water through a water wheel!

There are hours of hands on fun (and learning shhh!) here in the Science Treehouse!

Tips and Thoughts
* Entrance to the museum is $10 for adults and $7 for children plus an additional $5 for the dinosaur exhibit.  If you are looking to save a few dollars, there is a $2 off/per person coupon available on their website.  If you are looking to save a little more, there is currently a groupon for half off.  And if you are looking to save a lot, the museum is free on Tuesdays after 3pm!

* Plan for a minimum three hour visit to the museum.  However, there are enough activities for an entire day here, if you have it!

* Given the long drive, we headed out early and packed a lunch.  There are plenty of shade trees with tables in the courtyard outside or you can find a seat near the river!  There are vending machines near the Treehouse, but no real food option on campus.

* The dinosaur exhibit is an extra $5 fee.  Considering my youngest learned the word for Stegosaur before donkey, we couldn't pass this exhibit up. However, it is probably geared more toward the younger crowd.

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