Fishing at Mary Moore Searight Park

Mary Searight Moore Park, located in South Austin near I-35, is a pretty fun park in Austin with something to do for everyone!  

It has a nice playground, 
a fun disc golf course, 
basketball courts, 
a one and a half mile loop for running or walking, 
and many more great trails for walking your dog (or horse!)

However, the hidden gem of this park is located in the far South corner, where Slaughter Creek runs along its edge.  This creek is supposedly known for good bass and perch fishing.

The boys and I pulled our gear out for the first time this summer, and decided to give it a try.   

We parked in the main parking lot, and then hiked the distance to get to the creek.  

While it was a nice hike, it turns out that there are some closer areas to park, if fishing is all you are interested in. 

From Decker Prairie road, the creek is less than a half mile!

We followed the paths (generally just heading south) and finally came upon the creek. 

There is a small fishing pier perfect for fishing from. 

The trail then hikes west following the creek.  

We stopped at many points along the path to try our luck!  At one point, two geese started honking at us.  

We, of course, honked back :o)

Whether you are interested in fishing or hiking, it is a really an enjoyable trail!

Heading back east along the trail, the stream has a sort of dam, and then trickles along until it runs into another spring.  

At that point, the creek widens again into another pretty pond.

While we were completely unsuccessful in catching any fish, we had a really nice hike and a good time!

Tips and Thoughts
* I did see a lot of dogs along the path.  The front half of the park was pretty populated and most dogs were on leash.  Towards the back, with fewer people, we did see a few dogs run wild

* Bring lots of water, the path is sunny and hot!

* Note the parking tip above - if you want a quick trip to the creek, you might not want to park at the main entrance, but instead try the Decker Prairie Road unofficial side entrance!


  1. Note this is Onion Creek, not Slaughter Creek.

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