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Wow.  This is a great one.  There are so many options!  Really, you can pick just about any sport.  

If your den likes bowling, you can go to the local bowling alley when they are having a tournament.  If they like chess, look for a middle school or high school chess team.

Most people, when they first hear this, will think about heading to a UT game.  I bleed burnt orange, so I am right there with you. But UT games can cost up to $75 per person, which can get a bit pricey for many people.   When planning a den trip, you should look for alternatives that aren't going to cost and arm and a leg.  Your boys will have as good as a time!

High school football games
Cost $7 - $8 per person

A great way to meet this requirement is to have your den go to a local football game.  There is nothing like the energy of high school football, the cost is inexpensive, and there are lots of games to choose from... there is sure to be one near to where your den meets!  

These games tend to start around 7:30pm, which can get late for Tigers.  But you don't have to stay until the end.  You can leave after the half time show (the marching bands in Austin rock!!) or, if necessary, you can even leave after the first quarter.

There are lots of different football games to pick from.  Below is the 2014 Austin High Schedule, just as an example!

9/19 7:30pm  Austin High vs Westlake at Austin High School
9/25 7:30pm Austin High vs Bowie at Bowie High School
10/03 7:30pm Austin High vs Akins at Austin High School
10/10 7:30pm Austin High vs Hays at Hays High in Buda
10/17 7:30pm Austin High vs Lake Travis at Austin High School

Aussies Sand Volleyball
306 Barton Springs Rd, Austin, TX 78704
(512) 480-0952

If you are looking for a less "traditional" sport, maybe you could try volleyball!  I must admit, I haven't been to a game here, but a friend of mine recently told me she went here to watch a game.  Admission is free, though you'll probably want to pick up something to eat while watching.

Central Texas Speedway
24801 Interstate 35, Kyle, TX 78640
(512) 268-1114

Here is a really off-the-wall idea :o)  Car Racing is considered a sport.  Our family went to the Central Texas Speedway this summer, and had a really great time.  The Speedway was very good at explaining the rules of auto racing (about which we knew nothing) and during intermission, all of the drivers bring their cars onto the track, and spectators are allowed to mingle.

Texas Stars Ice Hockey
Having just gotten through the hundred degree days of summer, it is hard to believe Texas has an Ice Hockey team!  These tickets can get expensive, but there seem to be tickets for as little as $20.  This might be an option if you are looking for a sporting event with a more 'professional' feel.

Cedar Park Center
2100 Avenue of the Stars, Cedar Park, TX 78613
Cost: $20 - $80 per person

Sunday Oct 5th at 3pm
Saturday Oct 11th at7pm
Saturday Oct 18th at 7pm
Saturday Oct 25th at 7pm

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