Bartholomew Pool

I've been wanting to visit this new pool since it opened last month.  We finally had a chance today to check it out!

I have to say, this may be my new favorite public pool.  There is something for everyone.

My oldest son loves the diving board, and can jump off of one for hours... and there are not that many pools with diving boards these days.

There are also two large slides.

And a lily pond for the kids to cross.

There is also a zero entry section with a small slide for the smallest of visitors.

There was only one lap lane for those who actually want to swim.  But fortunately, that doesn't seem to be the goal of most visitors, as the lane was empty much of the time.  At one point, there were three of us doing laps, but for the most point, there was only two of us, and the lane was plenty large enough!

And all of this - and for me and four kids it only cost us $8!  

The only downside of this pool is that it was **packed**.  So packed that my youngest son felt somewhat uncomfortable.   Fortunately my boys are old enough that I don't have to keep a constant eye on them.  But for slightly younger children, they might get lost in the crowd!  I'm tempted to try this pool later in the evening, to see if it is still so crowded. 

But in all, we'd definitely check this place out again!


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