Day Trip to Newman's Castle in Belville, TX

We went on what has to be our most fun day trip this year - Newman's Castle in Belville, Texas.  If you have a child who loves castles or the medieval ages, this is a must see!

This is more than just a fun place to go...

This is an inspiring story about a man who followed his dreams. 

The owner, Mike Newman, acquired his property in 1998, and spent some time trying to decide what kind of house to put on it. 

His friend made a comment, "a man's home is his castle", and Mike was hooked.  He spent the next few year's researching castles and the next seven years building his dream and convincing himself he wasn't crazy for doing it ;o)

And we are really glad he did!  He began giving tours a few years ago, and now does weddings, banquets, overnight guests and more!

This is his personal home that we toured - he lives in it!!  

It has a moat with a real working, man-powered drawbridge!

It has a dungeon.  I mean seriously, if you are going to build a castle, it had better have a dungeon to throw people in, right?

It has a large trebuchet, for any marauders who might feel compelled to attach his castle!.  The trebuchet comes complete with ammunition that the owner merrily launches!

It has a 30 person great hall, a small chapel and more!

He is currently in the process of building a bell tower and six more bedrooms. 

We spent a good two to two and half hours exploring the place.

And what makes the trip so much more enjoyable is listening to the man who built his dream.  My son peppered him with questions and comments.  And each one was responded to with patience.  And Mike Newman built it all himself, so he can answer any questions you might have!

And at the very end, he brings out lunch made from Newman's bakery.  It was so good, that my son declared that the sandwich was worth the two hour drive in itself!

Also on his property, he has just started keeping bees.  

My husband has been interested in starting a hive, so my son and I thought we'd check it out. 

As with everything else in the place, he let the kids come up, check it out, ask questions and more!

He told us in the three months since he purchased the hives, the bees have produced 20 gallons of honey!

All in all, this was a really wonderful, interesting and fun day trip!!

Tips and Thoughts
* Everything I read said to make reservations at least a week ahead of time.  Pretty good advice.  But I actually called the day before, and they had room left in the tour, so it never hurts to call and ask!

* This is a great tour for any age. There were toddlers to teens to adults all laughing and enjoying the experience.  My eleven year old had a great time!

* The tour asks you to arrive at the bakery at 10:30am.  They will then give you directions to the actual castle.  So don't be disappointed when you pull up at the first address and just see a small building :o)

*Tickets are $15 a piece and include a really delicious lunch.  Quite a deal, in my book!

* Brenham is right on the path home from Belville, so if you're looking for another fun diversion in the area, try taking a tour through the Blue Bell factory while you are there!


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