Explore UT

One of my all-time favorite events is happening this weekend, and it isn't just because I bleed burnt orange ;o).  

Explore UT! is the University of Texas' open house.  Many of the departments open up the doors and let you explore what they do.  The day is filled with interesting talks, experiments and hands on activities for all ages.

Go early, as the place fills up very quickly, and parking can be tough to find. Our favorite area was the UT Engineering buildings.  

Some of our don't miss events this year (based on what we enjoyed last year):

* ASME’s Rube Goldberg Machine: 20 Or More Steps to Erase a Chalkboard

* Engineer and build a balloon rocket that you can enter in a race the moon

* Design a building using toothpicks and marshmallows, and test it in earthquake conditions

* Learn how a radar gun works to measure or "clock" speed. You’ll be able to use a radar gun to test how fast a tennis ball travels when you throw it. (okay, oddly enough, my boys *loved* this and spent at least a half hour throwing the tennis ball!)

* Sample liquid nitrogen ice cream and observe flowers, bananas, a racquetball and filled balloons being frozen.

* Get a thermal look at life by taking your picture with an infrared camera, watching heat engines turn fans and power light bulbs (Another unexpected favorite!)

In addition, the Department of Theatre and Dance will present a free performance of MOVE! at 2:00 pm in conjunction with Explore UT. 

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