Try Disc Golf

Looking to try something new?  Have you tried out Disc Golf?

Later winter / early spring is a great time to try out a new course! (Much better than the sweltering heat of summer!)

Austin currently has 5 dics golf parks, with some more in surrounding towns.  

You will need a few discs to start.  Pick up a few discs at a local sports store, find the nearest park, and enjoy.  

Note for playing with children:  Because so many of the holes are so long, we usually make a "kid's box" for the boys to shoot from, otherwise they get discouraged.

Zilker Disc Golf Course
2201 Barton Springs Rd
Austin, TX 78746
This course originally only had nine holes open at a time, but I have heard that when they closed the Pease Park disc golf course, they opened up all baskets in Zilker!

Roy G. Guerrero Disc Golf Course
517 S Pleasant Valley Rd
Austin, TX 78741

A newer course located in East Austin

MetCenter Disc Golf Course
Metropolis Dr
Austin, TX 78744
Also located in East Austin

Circle C Ranch Metropolitan Park
6301 West Slaughter Lane
Austin, TX 78739

For more experienced players; very long holes with some very difficult holes.  Beginners may find themselves averaging 6 or 7 shots per hole.

Mary Moore Searight Metropolitan Park
907 W Slaughter Ln
Austin, TX 78748

A shorter course, but the fairways are tighter.  A lot of your throws may wind up in tress.  This is my husbands favorite course as it rewards accuracy over distance


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