Radiolabs Detour Austin

This year, for South by Southwest, Radiolab create a Detour for Austin called The Year That Broke Austin.  You can still download the app and take the detour.  

"On this Detour, you'll delve deep into an unsolved mystery, with a maverick journalist as your guide. You'll get the smell of 1885 in your nostrils, the sound of murder ballads in your ears, and—if you're in the mood—the taste of tequila on your tongue. You'll see traces of that pivotal year everywhere, and along the way you'll encounter stolen hats, secret labyrinths, and one of the best views in town (at one of the most unlikely locations)."

The story starts on the corner of 5th and San Jacinto and walks you through various places downtown.  It sounds like the perfect thing to do this summer!

Tips and Thoughts
* The entire Detour takes about and hour and fifteen minute, though there are plenty of stops along the way.  The approximate walking distance is about a mile and a half

*To take this Detour, download the Detour app.  They recommend that each person going on the Detour have their own device to listen to.  The best experience is to have everyone on an iPhone, using the sync functionality. Groups are able to connect to each other so that they hear the same audio at the same moment. They’ll be able to pause the sound together as well. People can also use headphone splitters as well, to share with someone who doesn’t have an iPhone.

* While the overall theme is dark, the Detour isn’t gory by any means. And it’s really about the city of Austin itself. PG-13 is probably right. 

* For the best experience, take this Detour between noon and 5pm, Tuesday - Sunday.

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