Jacob's Well

Today, the boys and I tried out Jacob's Well in Wimberley.

Located 40 minutes or so west of Austin, Jacob's Well has been owned by Hay's County since 2010. This artesian spring is a constant 68 degrees, which makes it a perfect swimming hole - especially for hot Texas days!

The park allows up to 60 swimmers at a time, in two hour stretches: 10am-12pm, 12-2pm, 2-4pm,4-6pm and 6-8pm.  The well used to be available via appointment only, but they currently have an online system that allows you to reserve a spot.  Payment is not collected until you arrive.  

This cool spring has a 'well' that is 23 feet deep and 12 feet wide.  Just perfect for jumping in. And the water is a constant 68 degrees (think Barton Springs).

For those dis-inclined to jump, there is still plenty to enjoy, with cool clear waters to swim or wade in, lush shade and dry hot rocks for when the water gets too cool.

Every Saturday, they open the Nature Center as well as provide a guided trail walk for those interested in learning moreabout this unique spot.

Tips and Thoughts
* They only take payment by credit card or debit card; they do not accept cash.  So come prepared.

* There is a quarter mile (estimated) walk from the parking lot to the well. Most of that is a smooth decomposed granite trail.  But when you come close to the well, there are some steps to maneuver and a the well there really isn't any great path. I would recommend strollers or walkers.

* Adult swimmers pay $9 per person (13 and up), children (5-12) pay $5 per person and 4 and under are free.  Those coming to enjoy the trails and view, but not to swim are free.

* The bottom of the pool was pretty slippery.  I'd suggest bringing some water shoes.

* Swim at your own risk.  There are personnel on the grounds and they seem to keep a pretty close eye on the place, but it is entirely on you if you choose to jump.  I did ask the ranger if anyone ever got hurt, and he assured me they did. Mostly minor scrapes and cuts.  But infrequently, those who choose to dive head first into the spring can sustain serious injury. I made a feet first rule with my kiddos... just sayin'

* No dogs, alcoholic beverages or glass containers.  


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