Secret Beach in Roy Guerrero Park

After hearing about Secret Beach for years, the boys and I finally made it out to visit last week.  

Secret Beach is located in the Roy G Guerrero park located in Southeast Austin. The park is very nice with a large playground, many baseball fields, 2 miles of trail and supposedly a disc golf course (though we didn't look for it)

When heading to the park, we took Montopolis and then veered to the left on Grove Blvd.  We were kind of surprised to see that Grove Blvd drives right into the park.

After entering the park, we drove until we saw the baseball fields on our left and a decomposed granite trail to our right. We parked in the second parking lot by the baseballs field, and then crossed the street to the trail head. 

After asking someone walking ahead of us, we headed toward the right and then took the first right on to a slightly smaller trail.  The small trail led us straight to Secret Beach.

Secret Beach is a large opening on the Colorado River.  While much of the shoreline is gravel, there are large swaths of sand, as well. Perfect for digging in!

Apparently there is a rule of no swimming at the beach, though we did not see any signs.  There were plenty of people wading in the water and cooling off.

Tips and Thoughts
*  This place is super hot.  During the middle of the day, there is no shade.  Think about bringing a small umbrella or something to shade you from the sun, if you plan on staying for any length of time.

* I did not see any restroom facilities.  I am sure there are some by the ball fields, but there were none by the beach area.

* There were many dogs off leash enjoying the water.  Great if you have a dog, not so great if you don't like dogs.  Just something to keep in mind.

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