Southern Walnut Creek Trail

If you are looking for a great place to go biking, the Southern Walnut Creek Trail is perfect for both the novice and experienced cyclist.

My youngest son is very tentative on his bike. A few years back, he was hit by a car while cycling. Fortunately he was not badly hurt, but he has never felt totally comfortable riding since then - especially in traffic. We have been riding the Veloway recently, but having circled the same area many, many times, I wanted to try something new, preferably without cars.

We asked our local bike shop for some suggestions for other bike paths and they recommended Southern Walnut Creek Trail.  

Wow!  What a fantastic ride!  The trail starts in Govalle park in East Austin and runs 7.5 miles to Daffan Road.  The entire trail is nicely paved, with a center stripe running down the middle of the ten foot wide path. 

We went mid-week and there were a fair number of bikers and a few runners on the trail, but it was certainly not over-crowded, with plenty of room for the novice biker to feel comfortable going his or her own speed. 

Much of the trail is shaded, and it runs along first Boggy Creek, and then Walnut Creek.  With the recent rains, the whole area was lush and gorgeous!

There are clearly marked mile markers every quarter mile, so there is no doubt about where you are. They even give estimates for how long it will take to get to each of the locations.

First opened in fall of 2014, this new trail is Austin's first "Urban Trail". The multi-use path runs past the East Austin YMCA and Austin Tennis Center.

Future plans include connecting the path to the Colorado River, Onion Creek Trail and Northern Walnut Creek Trail in Balcones Park.  

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