Austin’s Top Picks: George Jones Songs

favorite george jones songs

When it comes to classic country music, the name George Jones is often at the forefront of conversation. Throughout his extensive career, he composed and performed countless beloved songs that remain popular today. This article aims to celebrate George Jones’ incredible musical legacy by highlighting Austin’s selection of favorite songs from the iconic artist.

After close examination and consideration, we can now reveal a curated list of favorite George Jones songs which Austin’s residents absolutely adore. Without further ado, let us delve into the lifelong legacy of this Country Music Hall of Fame member who helped shape a wonderful era in country music with his distinctive voice and authentic lyrics.

The Race Is On

A classic George Jones song loved by Austinites is “The Race Is On.” This tune highlights Jones’ ability to convey heartfelt emotions through his unique vocal performance while using racehorse imagery to portray love and heartbreak.

White Lightning

Jones’ first number-one hit, “White Lightning,” remains a favorite in Austin. This song showcases his knack for singing uptempo rockabilly-style melodies, revealing another side of this versatile singer.

He Stopped Loving Her Today

“He Stopped Loving Her Today” holds its place as one of the most poignant songs in country music history. Its heart-wrenching lyrics paired with Jones’ emotive performance resonate deeply with many listeners in Austin.

The Grand Tour

“The Grand Tour” is revered as one of George Jones’ greatest hits. Listeners don’t just hear the song; they experience a story about loss and heartbreak linked with evocative imagery. A true masterpiece!


As one of Jones’ later hits, “Choices” meticulously showcases the seasoned artist’s weathered voice. It’s a study of regret and the choices we make in life, resonating deeply with all who listen.

Still Doing Time

“Still Doing Time” is adored by many fans. Its raw vulnerability and poetic lyrics make it a favorite amongst George Jones enthusiasts in Austin.

Golden Ring

“Golden Ring,” a duet with Tammy Wynette, remains one of the most acclaimed songs in country music history. Its gripping tale of love lost and found has made it a beloved classic among Austinites.

Her Name Is…

The lesser-known “Her Name Is…” holds a special place in many Austinites’ hearts. This touching ballad about love’s enduring power showcases George Jones’ extraordinary storytelling ability.

Tennessee Whiskey

Jones’ rendition of “Tennessee Whiskey” is held in high esteem by many listeners for his unique interpretation that transformed it into an unforgettable classic.

We Must Have Been Out of Our Minds

A duet with Melba Montgomery, “We Must Have Been Out of Our Minds,” offers an engaging mix of beautiful vocals and heartfelt emotion that show why Austin loves this song.

Walk Through This World with Me

“Walk Through This World with Me” is considered one of the finest love songs Jones ever recorded. Not only does it highlight his vocal prowess, but it also shines a light on his romantic side.

A Singer’s Reflection

This article would not be complete without mentioning the profound impact George Jones has had on the country music industry and how much his songs mean to fans in Austin. His soulful lyrics, emotive delivery—the signature of an artist who has lived through his songs—resonate to this day.

Remembering the Legend

There you have it, Austin’s top picks for favorite George Jones songs. It is clear that his music continues to touch the hearts of all who listen, serving as a reminder of a legendary artist who shaped the sound of traditional country music with his genuine emotion and raw talent. Each song mentioned here remains a testament to his enduring legacy. So next time you listen to some George Jones tracks, remember these favorite picks from Austin locals and why they connect on a deep level with the timeless stories told through Jones’ inspiring music.