Barton Springs Pool

Yesterday was my brother and his son’s first day in Austin.  And as much as I love Austin, it was nearly impossible to pick where to take them first.  There were so many cool places we could go. 

But really, there was only one place we should go – it would have to be Barton Springs.  Its cool waters have counteracted the blistering summer heat since 1917 (when it first became a city park).  I love its large pecan trees, the glimspes of Austin’s skyline in the background, and the incredible diversity of people who spend their time there.

So, we packed up the family, goggles, water bottles and 30 pounds of other random stuff and headed for an afternoon of 68 degree water!After a few jumps off the diving board, the boys headed toward the shallow end.  D tried to catch fish while K and L were amazed by a small whirlpool they found, created by an exit pipe in the lower end. 

We left there feeling cool and refreshed.  My brother, a native Pennsylvanian and lover of cold weather and snow even said, “It doesn’t really feel like its 100 degrees today”  :o)