5 Tips For Meeting New People in Austin Texas

5 Tips For Meeting New People in Austin

There’s no doubt about it— Austin is one of the most up-and-coming cities in the United States, and it shows no signs of slowing down. Besides the professional opportunities and no shortage of a night scene, Austin is also a great place to make friends.  Austinites are known for being open-minded, and friendly, and above all, they have the inside scoop of cool places to hang out and things to do.

Yet, as Austin expands, more and more newcomers arrive making for a melting pot of different cultures and backgrounds, which is really what makes Austin so special. If you’re looking for ways to make friends in Austin, then here are some helpful ways to get started.

Search the Wanted Ads

This may seem old school, yet believe it or not, personal ads can be a great way to find just about anything. People are looking for everything from someone to design their bedroom, to a new friend to go have a cup of coffee with. It never hurts to look at the wanted ads and see if someone out there may be looking to meet a new friend in Austin just like you. Besides the local newspaper, you may find that online forums like Facebook are a good place to browse.

Go to Shows

Austin has a booming music scene. You’d be doing yourself a disservice not to check it out, not only because you’ll hear some great tunes, but also because it’s a great place to meet friends. Whether you like rock, country, or pop, you’ll find it in Austin.

Don’t be shy to strike up a conversation with other people and introduce yourself. The nice thing about music shows is that it’s a social and open-minded setting so it’s highly unlikely someone would be put off by someone introducing themselves. Don’t be afraid to get outside of your comfort zone. People are usually willing to make an effort if you approach them in the right way.

Take a Class

One of the nice things about Austin is that there are plenty of free classes and workshops offered through places like the Public Library and community centers.

Consider enrolling in a workshop or class related to your personal interests. That way, you have the opportunity to meet other people who are interested in the same things as you.


Despite Austin having a booming tech scene, it still has its fair share of poverty. There are plenty of opportunities for volunteering which can be a meaningful way to connect with other people and also make a difference.

Austin has an extremely strong sense of community and no shortage of places to get involved. Consider contacting local charitable organizations or food banks to see whether they have any resources for you to get started volunteering.

Check out The Food and Beverage Scene

Austin has an incredible food and drink scene that you should definitely check out. From breweries to food trucks, there are plenty of people hanging out in these spots with an equal passion for all things food and drink. One nice perk is that alcohol can often make people more open to a conversation, which can be advantageous when you’re looking to make connections.