Blazer Tag

When the temperature is 108 degrees, even we have to start looking for entertainment indoors!

One of my boys’ favorite indoor entertainment places in Blazer Tag – a game of hide and seek with lasers. 

Every player is given a “laser” gun and a jacket to wear.  The jacket has a collection of lights that blink if they have been hit.  The players run around the indoor arena trying to shoot the other players more often then they are shot. 

Depending on the number of participants, the players are divided into teams or free-for-all.

It is actually a lot of fun… even for adults ;o) 

The games are fifteen minutes, plus a five minute briefing.  If the kids want to play two games, they space them forty minutes apart, so there is about twenty minutes of wandering around time in between games. 

Outside of the playing arena there is an assortment of arcade games that can be played by purchasing tokens.

Blazer Tag recommends players be at least seven years old to play, but as long as your child can hold the pack, they let him play.  My youngest played his first game when he was five!Tips and Thoughts
The age of the kids differs; in the late morning to early afternoon, most of the kids are younger.  But I think in the evenings, the players tend to get a bit older and more competitive.  

This can get expensive, as two games plus $5 in tokens costs $22 and only keeps the kids entertained for about two hours. 

But there are frequently two for one coupons available in local newspapers, coupon packs or online sites such as  (Though I couldn’t find any for August – the last coupon I could find expired July 31st). 

There are also frequently “special” days where games only cost $5. 

This is also a great place for birthday parties – with special package deals. Just be forewarned, if you select the pizza party, they don’t serve the pizza until after both games are played.  So plan your event with that in mind so you don’t have hungry kids.

The establishment also hosts lock-ins overnight. I assume these are for much older kids than mine, but they do seem like they would be fun for the older kid crowd.