Bull Creek Greenbelt Hike

The last words out of my son’s mouth before we left for our hike was “Do I have to go?”  The first words out of his mouth after we arrived: “We should come here more often!”  :o)  

The Bull Creek Greenbelt is a gem of a hike, located near 2222 and 360.  The 3.5 mile hike has lots of small waterfalls, gorgeous wildflowers and all sorts of critters.

The hike starts at Bull Creek Park on Lakewood Drive. Bull Creek Park is a nice park with lots of large shade trees, a volley ball net and the creek to play in.  There are bathrooms, picnic tables and more. 

It used to be entirely leash free, but it now looks like only the south side is leash free. 

But a short hike along the creek will take you to a less populated area, where dogs frequently roam free.

A dam/waterfall makes for a nice swimming area as the water gets a little deep.  (though signs indicate there is frequently high bacteria, so keep your head above water!)  

A little further along the trail is another parking area called Middle Falls also accessible via Lakewood Drive.  There is a really great waterfall here!  The kids slid down the falls, dug under the rocks, tried to catch fish and had a great time.  We happened to find one of the largest craw fish I think I’ve ever seen!

Immediately after the Middle Falls, we crossed under the 360 bridge.  

If you take this part of the trail, be sure to look up as you cross under the bridge.  Hundreds of cliff swallows have made their home here!

This part of the green belt had only a few people on it.  The trail leads a little away from the creek, but then comes back in again.  It is somewhat shaded, with lots of wildflowers.

There are more waterfalls and swimming areas along the entire 3.5 miles.  We turned around and headed back, but we would love to come back another day to hit the upper falls.  The time required to hike this trail is entirely dependent on your willingness to stop along the way and enjoy the water!

What a great way to spend the first day of summer vacation!

Tips and Thoughts

* During summer months, bring a bathing suit and water shoes.  The trail crosses the creek many times, so you will either be removing your shoes often, or going barefoot!

* Bring lots of water.  Many of the swimming areas do not have much shade, so it can get pretty hot!