Rock n River Aquatic Pool

Today, we headed north to Round Rock to enjoy their Rock n River Aquatic Center.  This is basically a pool on steroids! 

The park is run by the City of Round Rock, so the prices are very reasonable – $5.50 for adults, $4.50 for children, with a dollar discount for residents.

For older children, one draw of the park is the two large curving slides.  Children must be 48 inches or they cannot go down them (and this seems to be pretty strongly enforced). Today the line was long to ride the slides, but it seemed to go pretty quickly.

There is also a nice water playground with slides and entertainment for younger children.  It also has a beach area with small fountains.  This is great for very small children, as they can sit comfortably in the water while moms sits close by.

For my kids, the favorite was the lazy river.  In fact, they spent all day going around and around.  Some times in a tube, sometimes just drifting, and occasionally sharing a tube.  The only time the left the water was for a short lunch break :o)