Hot Lava Obstacle Course

<<Note added January 2023:  Unfortunately, this place is no longer open for business.  Very disappointed, as it was one of our favorites.>>

We added Hot Lava to our Top 50 list this spring and finally made it out to the place this week.  I have to say, this may just be our new favorite indoor place!!

Hot Lava describes themselves as: 

“more than 1500 square feet of obstacle course and parkour gymnasium.”

I have to admit, I wasn’t sure exactly what that meant, but it sounded perfect for my teen and pre-teen boys. A great way to get them some exercise in the 100 degree heat.

When we showed up and glanced through the windows, we were somewhat surprised by the small size of the place.  It is located in essentially two store fronts.  

I briefly wondered if the place would keep them occupied for a full hour… 

How wrong I was!!

Two and a half hours later of non-stop movement, they were fully climbed, jumped, swung and crawled out!  We might have stayed even longer had I remembered to bring snacks.

The really awesome thing about this place is how free-form it is.  It really allows the kids to be creative.  At one point, our smallest friend pulled one of the half balance balls into the lava pit, which then gave him the additional height he needed to climb into the overhead cargo net.  Ingenuity at its best!

There are pads on the floor and obstacles and ramps that can be moved around to meet anyone’s needs – whatever they dream up.  

In the two hours, I saw them jump through hoops doing a double roll, climb the walls, swing from ropes to rings to the lava pit and so much more. 

The lava pit is great for jumping into.  But the lava blocks are also great ammunition in tribal wars, or they can be stacked and covered with a mat to make a fort, or they can make a wall to slam into.  It was really fun to see all the different uses the kids found for these blocks!

I wasn’t really sure of the purpose of the “Silos of Death”.  But the boys climbed on them for hours.  And when they were tired and needed a break, they climbed to the top to rest.  I guess they served their purpose :o)

This is a great place to get the wigglies out, while allowing kids to be creative!  It is also a great place for adults to get some exercise while having a great time.

Tips and Thoughts
* This is a great place for all ages.  We saw children as young as three as well as adults

* Children under 8 can only be in the building until 2pm. Parents of young children are required to be on the floor with their kids (which makes perfect sense – as they really will need an adult’s support). Parents of children 8 – 12 just need to be present in the building.

* Teens and pre-teens will probably be happiest coming after 2pm, as they won’t have to navigate around wee ones… but mine seemed to have a good time both before and after 2pm.  

* We did see some adults in there as well – and this would be great exercise. I’m kind of bummed I didn’t play along with them!  I’m guessing that the after 5pm crowd is mostly adults.

* Shoes are not allowed on the floor, so most go barefoot

* Food is allowed, but not on the floor (again, makes sense)

* The place recommends you bring workout gloves if you have them, and all the boys said at the end that they wished they had some.  Not having any didn’t seem to slow them done any, though ;o)

* Cost is $10 per person for the entire day.  $40 for a month pass