Jump Street Indoor Trampoline Park

With a projected temperature of 106 degrees today, we needed to stay inside!  With two children kept indoors for the last week due to allergies, I needed a place for them to run!  Jump Street in Cedar Park was the perfect solution!

Jump street is a trampoline park; very similar to an inflatable house, but for a much older crowd.  The average age of participants ranged from 7 years of age, up through 16, with some young adults and even parents joining in the fun!

Jump Street has a large room with 50 foot stretches of trampolines.  Jumpers can run, flip, twist, or cartwheel themselves down the long stretch.

But the highlight of the place, for my boys, was the dodgeball room.  There were two dodgeball rooms.  One for 13 and up, and one for all ages.  Each room had three trampolines with a half way divider. 
As with typical dodgeball, participants threw balls at the other half in an attempt to get them out.  Referees with whistles made sure the play stayed fair.  Dodgeball is always a favorite, but the trampolines made the game that much more fun!

In addition to the main trampoline room and the dodgeball rooms, Jump Street had some additional features, available through their $3 Fun Pass. 
Kids could swing on a rope from a platform into a pit full of small nerf squares.  There was also a small maze that they could navigate through.  The average time to get through seemed like 30 seconds, so it isn’t very big, but they did enjoy it for a couple of go-throughs.

One of the boys’ favorite was a large slide made out of some sort of astroturf that the kids could ride down in inner tubes.  Both boys went down the slide many, many times! 

And there was a small area with a mechanical bull.  Bull riders attempted to stay seated for the longest time (K hit 59 seconds) until they were thrown onto an inflatable mat.

All in all, the kids ran, jumped and played for the full two hours!  We will be updating our Top 50 list to include Jumpstreet!

Tips and Thoughts
* Children under 7 can only participate in the “Earthquake room”, which is a small trampoline room.  The play is less expensive, but a lot less fun.  However, if a young child is accompanied by an older sibling or parent (over 12), they may participate in the main rooms.  The under 7 crowd could participate in all of the fun pass areas, except for the mechanical bull.

* Children were allowed to go barefoot or wear socks, based on preference

* The place was fairly crowded.  But a large group cleared out around 3pm.  If time allows, I think the 3 – 5 pm slot might be the lightest attendance

* Tuesdays and Thursday are $10 for two hours, the perfect price for the perfect amount of time.  Other days have other specials, but Tuesday and Thursday were the cheapest